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Help with Twitter for Busy Small to Mid-Sized Business Owners

Do your eyes glaze over when faced with the challenge of growing your Twitter account?

You started a Twitter account because you heard that it was the thing to do.

You browsed around your new Twitter account for a while and followed a few “suggested” accounts (mostly celebrities and news outlets) and sent your very first tweet.

Three months have passed and you still only have a tweet or two and maybe 15 people who followed you back if you’re LUCKY.

When you pull up articles telling you how to manage a Twitter account for business, your eyes quickly glaze over – -you’ve got other stuff to do!

22670122_s (Medium)This is a common story for many busy small business owners who just don’t have time to log into Twitter daily to tweet and manage their account. They wonder:

“I just don’t GET Twitter. What is the point?”

“How does Twitter work?”

“Why doesn’t anyone interact with me on Twitter? I feel like I’m talking to myself!”

“How to get started on Twitter?”

If you’ve asked yourself these questions at some point and your current Twitter platform is languishing, you just need a good START to get the ball rolling. Let Swing Leap help you get into the “swing” of things on Twitter so that you can leap forward and hit the ground running!

So What Is Twitter and How Does It Work for Small Businesses?

Twitter is a way of branding your business and gaining new attention to your products and services. It is most effective for online businesses who sell products or services from a website, yet it has also proven helpful to small local businesses (like dentists, restaurants and lawyers) who want to draw in new clientele.

Online businesses gain attention on Twitter by posting informative content (blogs) or pictures of hot products. Interested users click the links and browse your website.

Local businesses commonly grab attention by offering time sensitive deals and specials. Interested users who are in the area either come in for the special or purchase the deal while it lasts.

As far as branding, having an established Twitter account with plenty of followers also gives you credibility. When people click the Twitter link on your website and see that people are following and interacting with you, it increases the likelihood that they’ll want to do business with you.

We know how Twitter works. We know how to find the people who are most likely to follow you back and show an interest in your product or service. We know how to make your account a strong platform that also makes you look like an expert in your field or industry.

So here’s the plan. We will manage your Twitter account for 4 weeks to start and do the following:

– Build up your following with hundreds of organic followers (real people who tweet and interact regularly) who may have an interest in your products or services

– Add new interesting, informative Tweets (including Retweets) related to your business, industry or offering to your account

– Write new blog posts to be posted on your Twitter account (depending on the service you choose), which will help send visitors to your website or blog

– Fix up your Twitter profile as necessary (all writing done in US English by a native speaker)

– Show you how to use Twitter to capture the attention of followers and get Retweets so that you can take over after the service is complete (or of course you can hire us to keep things rolling)

– Provide you with tips and suggestions to improve your online or social media platforms

Swing Leap will set up your Twitter account so that visitors will trust visiting your links, follow you back and interact with you with retweets and mentions.

We get your account into the swing of things; so that you can leap forward.

We use tried and tested Twitter tools and services to manage your account and increase your following over time. We carefully select users in your target audience so that you have a solid social media platform for your business or website.

Rates for this quality Twitter management service starts at $100 USD/ week (payable via PayPal)

* This rate only applies for the initial 4 weeks of Twitter account management; different fees may apply for ongoing services.

If interested in future management services, email us with details about your business and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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